Secure payment with PayPal


What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment system. Allows the transfer of money between PayPal accounts that are identified by e-mail addresses.

Each account is linked to one or more credit cards. For payment cards (such as VISA or MasterCard), internet payments must be enabled (but need not be stamped). An alternative is to pay with these cards directly on the Internet (which increases the risk of fraud, since the payment card information must be entered directly to the target unit).


With the PayPal system you can also set the dollar as the main currency. If you pay in another currency, the amount will be recalculated according to the current rate.

If you activate a payment card, PayPal must be provided with the required information about this card. PayPal then deducts a small amount from the card (in the case of a Dollar account, it is 1 $ ). This amount will be refunded on the first transfer via PayPal as a bonus. A bank statement is a four-digit code for this item, which is triggered by activation of the payment card on the PayPal website. For later money transfers via the Internet, the corresponding amount will be debited either from the PayPal account balance or directly from the credit card.

The recipient of the payment receives money on his PayPal account, which is linked to his bank account


Transactions are free for the buyer, or if the transfer of money between two people does not use payment cards (money was already on the PayPal account before the transaction). In other cases (seller or transfer of money from a payment card to a second person), PayPal will charge a transaction for the transaction. In this way, you can send or receive money from 203 countries in 26 currencies without having an individual or company open a bank account in that currency or pay their bank fees for international bank transfers. PayPal also serves as an additional security zone for account